London office space becomes vacant as the Government relocate to Bradford

The government is in the process of announcing a dramatic office upheaval with 15,000 London office jobs to be relocated to other areas.

Bradford is currently being considered as a potential area for relocation of the London government workforce.

Regeneration officers in Bradford have said that offering office space for relocation could be mutually beneficial to Bradford and the government.

Not only is office space in Bradford “great value for money” but it is hoped that the relocation will boost the local economy.

According to the report government spending will need to be reduced by 4% along with the proposed office overhaul. The announcement of 15,000 job relocations was included in the government budget which has led to a further 1,000 Ministry of Justice jobs being relocated.

Barra Mac Ruairi, Bradford Council’s strategic director for regeneration, has said, “We are in regular contact with the Office for Government Commerce regarding relocation to the Bradford district. […] It remains a priority in terms of boosting the local economy and we continue to present the district as a good location.

Bradford Council is actively promoting the city for the relocation by highlighting the low-cost of office space and the extra train services between Bradford and London for commuters.

With Bradford’s relocation proposal and further cutbacks to be announced later in the year it may be that government offices, within London, become vacant and as a result available to lease.

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