London office space leased by Key Capital Partners

Key Capital Partners move into fourth London office.

Equity solutions providers move into brand new London office space.

Key Capital Partners (KCP) has moved into new office space in London, this is the fourth office the company occupies within the capital.

The private equity solutions firm have signed a lease on an office on Gray’s Inn Road which is in close proximity to King’s Cross St Pancras. The move brings the company closer to vital clients in the Thames Valley area.

“This new office in London will help to strengthen our relationships with the business and professional community in the capital,” commented Mike Fell, founding partner at Key Capital Partners.

PricewaterhouseCoopers have investment manager Gareth Evans working closely with KCP to locate new business and property opportunities for KCP.

The company also has offices in Leeds, Birmingham and Cambridge.

In other London office space news the Daily Express is considering moving its editorial staff from its London offices.

The newspaper are looking to move their team out of London to Luton as a money saving measure. The Daily Express is moving its printworks to the city and some of its editorial staff down to the Bedforshire town.

“We are very happy to have a national newspaper printed in Luton,”
commented Gavin Shuker, Labour MP for Luton South.

The paper has yet to commit fully to the move however and still resides in its London offices at Number 10 Lower Thames Street.

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