London skyscrapers tight on cycle parking

We’re all being told to cycle to work, but what if there is nowhere safe to leave your bike?

Reports are suggesting that many of London’s new and existing skyscrapers aren’t offering enough cycle parking for the staff who work there.

Mayor Boris Johnson wants to get at least 5% of Londoners cycling to work, but where are these people supposed to leave their bikes?

The planned new London Bridge Tower, also known as The Shard is set for completion in 2012, and will become the tallest building in the UK measuring at 1,017 feet, housing around 6,500 occupants. However only 250 cycle parking spaces are planned for the building.

Cycling is proving more and more popular in London, with more people becoming ‘eco-aware’ and the introduction of the congestion charge. So developers really need to provide quality office space and business centres with adequate parking facilities for bicycles.

Over half a million journeys in London are made on a bicycle, no doubt most of those are people going to work in offices based in the city.

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