Lynne Franks opens women only offices in Covent Garden

PR agent and lifestyle guru Lynne Franks has opened a new office in London’s Covent Garden; exclusively for women looking to start a business or use the space for meetings.

The project initially started out in Luton 3 years ago, however the recession stalled Franks’s plans. This time she managed to cut her overheads by working with national workplace provider Regus to create B.Hive.

The London office is the flagship branch of her newest project B.Hive, which aims to create a network of business clubs and offices for women.

“It occurred to me that there was nowhere for women wanting to start small businesses – and even those already in business – to meet like-minded females and to exchange ideas and make contacts, Women were meeting in coffee shops because there was nowhere else,” commented Franks.

The office features a members lounge, a visitors area, meeting rooms, video facilities and an outside patio. Decorating the walls are Franks’s feel good affirmations such as “Believe in yourself, so others will too” and “Be gorgeous.”

“More women than ever are starting businesses, moving up the corporate ladder and taking leadership roles. B.Hive gives them a space where they can work together according to the feminine principles of community, connection and collaboration. It will allow smart, inspiring women to encourage each other to achieve their highest potential,” said Franks.

Franks has plans to extend the project nationally beginning with Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester this autumn. B.Hive will operate from 8.30am to 7pm every weekday.

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