Meeting room facilities on offer in prime London locations

A new promotion offers video conferencing to companies that do not have suitable conferencing space in their offices.

Executive Offices Group, a market leader for conferencing facilities, has introduced a reduced rate for new customers.

The company actually offers electronic conferencing, via the internet, for companies that wish to communicate to their long-distance offices or clients.

This is useful if transport is an issue, as it can sometimes be unreliable or if your long-distance offices are just too far away.

Alternatively if you have acquired a property or have a property in mind but it does not have an appropriate conference room, then this is a convenient option that will solve the problem of where to hold a conference.

This company, which was established in 1989, is committed to ensuring that customers are able to have conferences with luxury interiors, furnishings and top-of-the-line technology.

The video conferencing rooms are available for set periods every half-hour, they have user-friendly video equipment and a staff for easy booking, preparation and tech-support.

The rooms can also accommodate up to 30 delegates and can connect to a variety of different global locations.

All of which comes at an introductory rate for new customers.

Emily Smith, Marketing Director of Executive Offices Group, said, “Our video conferencing facilities allow you to dial in to your meeting delegates at multiple sites, enabling you to communicate and present your meeting material effectively in person.

The three most popular London meeting venues are at Central Court, 33 St James’s Square and No.1 Cornhill.

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