Multimedia packaging group opens office in London

Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS), a US multimedia, healthcare and cosmetics specialist has opened a new London office, aiming to expand their sales network to the European market.

Former European sales and marketing director at AGI Media, Julian Malin has been hired to head up the UK office, the first of its kind in Europe.

Malin said, “I am excited to join the MPS team to assist with development of the European market. Their philosophy of creativity, flexibility, and technical leadership has strong appeal for clients looking for print and packaging that sets them apart from the competition.”

With competition for office space in London being incredibly fierce with no let up in demand, MPS would seem to be at a significant advantage and demonstrating a good amount of growth within their company. Already forging an alliance with Italian media packaging manufacturer Pozzoli, MPS is also seeking to cross-sell services from Zoo Digital.

CEO of MPS, Marc Shore, said, “In building the company over the last five years, we have focused on providing a complete range of products, services, and technologies to fully support customer needs for distinctive branding, innovative ideas, and turnkey solutions.”

He added, “We are now extending our market knowledge and best practices to complete the supply chain in Europe for seamless brand management on a global scale.”

MPS currently has another 11 manufacturing sites across the US, sales offices in California and Illinois and a HQ based in New York.

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