New architects are chasing headlines rather than designing stunning buildings

Labour, under Tony Blair, promised that newly built buildings would be in-keeping with the surrounding area; however it now seems that this has not occurred.

In 1997 Sir Richard Rogers campaigned for a ‘better and beautified’ urban environment, and it seemed that Tony Blair was listening.

However within recent years London has seen a stream of constructions that are all about profit rather than a wholesome design.

Although there are some appropriate and well-designed buildings, such as Kingsdale School in south London and Adelaide Wharf in east London, the overall architectural landscape seems dire.

Sam Jacob, founder of Fashion, Architecture, said, “There are some right architectural howlers. Take the Nat West Tower – that’s a pretty ugly concept, however excused by its ridiculousness and its facile commercial brutalism.

There are places like the Elephant and Castle – massive modernist conglomerations of traffic planning and housing that certainly lack genteel appeal.

It seems, since the development of office space was left in the hands of the private sector that buildings have been constructed to grab headlines and just make a profit. regardless of design.

For example the word ‘iconic’ appears to be something that architects increasingly want to associate with their buildings.

However some believe that within time these new buildings may assimilate themselves into the London landscape and skyline.

Mr Jacob said, “So many London buildings move from ‘ugliness’ to ‘beauty’ through changes in attitude over time. Many of the ugliest buildings are now assimilated; they become part of the city’s narrative.

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