New budget too small for London MPs to run offices say politicians in the capital

Twenty politicians have reported that the government’s reduction in alloted budgets, after the 2009 expenses scandal, has left them without enough funds to run their offices successfully, to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa).

The MPs believe their meagre budget should be bigger in comparison to the rest of the nation because of the higher cost of living in the capital, according to The Telegraph.Labour MP for Islington South Emily Thornberry said: “There should be some recognition that it’s more expensive to run inner London offices and some people feel quite strongly that they should be able to transfer money between budgets”.

Some politicians said they could not meet their office rent and telephone bills because of the unsuitable limits on their allocated resources.

Thornberry said: “Ipsa says if you’re employing staff who live in London they need to be paid more, which is absolutely right, and MPs ourselves get paid more but we don’t get any more in our staffing budget. So how am I supposed to employ people without getting an increased budget? It is also stupid to have our professional staff put down as our expenses”.

One London MP said: “We may well have to close down our constituency offices and go back to Westminster. It’s not as good for constituents and it will put massive adverse pressure on the accommodation in Portcullis House”.

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