New trend sees more firms opting for open-plan office space in London

Experts report open-plan office space is becoming more and more popular in London.

New research shows firms are shunning traditional module space in favour of open-plan spaces to encourage interaction.

New research has revealed that a growing number of businesses in London are shunning traditional cubicle-style office space in favour of a more relaxed, open-plan layout.

The trend has been reported by the British Council for Offices who feel this is one of the most important shifts in office space usage in recent years. Commonly referred to as ‘bull pens’ in America, open-plan offices are fast becoming the most popular office space layout option as firms opt to place an increasing emphasis on interaction and sharing.

“The concept of a break-out area 20 years ago was non-existent. We are seeing more delivery of technology in these formal and informal working areas,” commented chairman of the British Council for Offices’ research committee Matt Oakley.

First popular in America, open-plan office space have slowly found favour with businesses across the pond thanks to the social, relaxed atmosphere they create. As well as encouraging interaction, it’s thought open-plan offices also help to motivate staff more than traditional module-style cubicles which are associated with independent working.

Commenting on the change in favour, Mr Oakley said, “[It is] a reflection that the whole point of the office and the workplace was about sharing ideas and trying to create new products and new ideas and ways of doing things, and you don’t get that by shutting people away.”

In addition to opting for more open-plan layouts, Mr Oakley said that the body have also seen an increase in the number of firms incorporating break-out space into their working environment to encourage staff members to socialise and interact while on breaks.

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