A Worker’s Guide to London Office Etiquette

In many cases, they're in our lives for eight hours a day five days a week whether we like it or not!   Yes we're talking about our colleagues. In most situations the office environment is a happy one where... Read More >
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No Eggs-cuses – Foods You Shouldn’t Eat in London Offices

What is that smell!? These are four little words that we at Londonoffices hear almost daily around lunch time. As much as we love an afternoon curry or a lovely tuna salad, the smell in the office or office kitchen can o... Read More >
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Top 10 Workplace Annoyances Making Office Employees See Red

There's always one! That person who can't stop chatting. The one who is never at the meeting. Then there's the guy who has no perception of their own noise! Our office environments can often be more stressful than the w... Read More >
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Overlooked for Promotion? Check your Out of Office E-mail

Why not you? You gave a great presentation, have worked hard all year, are always on time. Why have you still not got that promotion? Well, your out of office e-mail may hold the answer.   Londonoffices' CEO C... Read More >
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Office Jargon – The 50 Phrases We Love to Hate in UK Offices

Is anything more annoying than this? We're all familiar with those awfully cliched office phrases that make you want to rip out your hair every time you hear one.   Well, Londonoffices asked workers which comm... Read More >
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West End office space rents rise for first time in three years

West End office rents have risen for the first time in three years, according to research by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Rental rates increased to £85 per square foot in the second quarter, up from £75 per square foot i... Read More >
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