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Northern Arc Serviced Offices Rental Guide

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Stretching from Euston to Shoreditch, and taking in King’s Cross, Angel and Clerkenwell along the way, the Northern Arc is firmly at the heart of London’s tech and creative scene. It's full of offices to let!

Popular with: Tech, creative and media companies looking to be in or near the main tech hubs at Shoreditch and King’s Cross. Euston is also a popular choice for construction companies and the satellite offices of a variety of UK businesses based north of London.

Property types available: The areas around Euston and King’s Cross are home to new office construction, with relatively large floorplates. Angel and Clerkenwell offer more traditional architecture, while converted industrial buildings are common in Shoreditch.

Workstation Price Guide*: £450 - £1200


Available Office Space:

Angel Serviced Offices - (£450 - £600)

Situated between King’s Cross to the west and Shoreditch to the east, Angel is firmly at the heart of London’s growing tech and creative scene. Currently offices to let or rent in Angel are more affordable alternative to both locations.


Clerkenwell Serviced Offices - (£500 - £700)

Popular with creative, marketing, tech and media companies looking for an alternative to Shoreditch. Clerkenwell is home to a wide variety of serviced office space, including several business centres with a design-led focus.


Euston Serviced Offices - (£500 - £900)

Transport links have made Euston popular with UK businesses based north of London who need a satellite office to rent or let in the capital. The many high-rise office blocks surrounding the station offer a convenient option.


King's Cross Serviced Offices - (£500 - £1200)

As with Euston, the strength of King's Cross’s transport links has drawn a wide range of businesses to the area. It is also the chosen location for the new Google HQ.


Shoreditch Serviced Offices - (£500 - £900)

Home of Tech City and an ever-growing community of tech startups and creatives, offices in Shoreditch remain as London’s most sought-after locations.


Old Street