Octopus office development updated

New plans for Octopus development submitted.

Plans for new London ‘Octopus’ office space updated.

In a joint venture Galliard and London & Bath Estates have submitted new plans for the ‘Octopus’ office development in West London. The project will be completed at the Chiswick Roundabout and previously was denied planning permission by Hounslow Borough Council.

If it receives the go ahead the project will create 52,000 square feet of office space. The designs have been drawn up by Ken Shuttleworth’s design company MAKE. It was previously denied planning due to concerns over road safety because of advertising space on the building.

“The Octopus is an original scheme – its striking design and unique location make it a real landmark for West London and a new destination for international and local business,” commented Kim Gottlieb, managing director of London & Bath Estates.

Following the scheme’s rejection last year there have been several amendments to the building’s design. Some of the key changes include an increase in the amount of office space, a reduction in the building’s height, a brand new 3,500 square feet of retail showroom space located on the ground floor, the removal of the advertising screen facing the East side of the motorway and a reduction of the one facing the West.

“Over the past year we have taken on board a range of comments, made some significant design changes and resolved the critical issue of highway safety.  I am confident that we now have a scheme that is right for Hounslow Council and for the local area,” said Ms Gottlieb.

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