Organisation is the key to office productivity – neaten up your desk

Keeping a workstation tidy can mean the difference between meeting or missing an important deadline. An organised space can often lead to an organised mind that can assess workloads and assign tasks in order of importance.Scattered objects littered across a desk can clutter space and prevent you from thinking clearly, which can be disastrous when working in a tense office situation where efficiency is of the utmost importance. Stay ahead of the pack and streamline your desk and your desktop.

Keep documents in the relevant desktop files, which will quicken the time it takes to get hold of vital information, and neaten up saved work peppered across the screen.

Take some time to clear out your office drawers and get rid of items that should have been binned a long time ago. Ensure your records are up to date and never leave doing anything that could be done right now until tomorrow – be assured that dreaded tasks are never actually as bad as imagined once begun.

Just five minutes of organisation a day can increase your productivity and ease your mind. If you keep things where they should be you’ll complete tasks rapidly and leave the office at the time you have been contracted to – no more late nights working away in an empty office when you would rather be unwinding at home.

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