Planning submitted for Heron Plaza

Heron International, owned by Gerald Ronson, has submitted the planning permission for the much anticipated Heron Plaza development scheme.

The scheme, worth £500 million will sit in the heart of the City of London, near to Liverpool Street Station. It is the second and final phase of works by the adjacent Heron Tower.

It will contain the first purpose built luxury hotel in City for 30 years, as well as residential and a substantial amount of office space. The tower will be 43-storeys high, comprising around 190 hotel suites, 120 residences, gym, spa, swimming pool and events space. There will also be an unconfirmed amount of prime office space at the location.

“This genuine mixed use centre will be a model for sustainable urban development in the capital. It will create a new public open space, scarce and highly valued in a densely built part of the City…(it will) reflect London’s status as the financial capital of the world and support the City’s core mission as a centre for business and excellence,” commented Gerald Ronson.

New developments are finally starting to emerge again following the financial crisis, and mixed use sites such as this will be genuinely and enthusiastically received. Not only is there a need for prime office space but also space for new office users to live and entertain clients.

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