Plans for biomedical complex costing £600 million unveiled

A giant biomedical complex is to be built in North London costing £600 million.

Plans for the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI) were unveiled last week. It will be located in the St Pancras and Somers Town area close to the train station.

About 1500 staff members will be able to benefit from a 450-seat lecture theatre, an educational laboratory and office and lab space once the scheme is complete.

The centre will be one of the biggest hi-tech research centres in the world and will be second only to the Parisian Pasteur Institute in size within Europe.

A glass atrium will run along the length of the whole building and cost £100 million to operate each year.

The backers of the centre include the UK Medical Research Council and University College London. Biomedical charities Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK will also partner the development.

Paul Nurse, chair of the scientific planning committee, hopes the build will attract young scientists in their mid-30s. The idea is for the young staff to work at the centre for about 1o years and then move on to other scientific research projects.

Nurse said: “Most institutions hang on to their best people. We will not do that. We’re going to put great emphasis on training scientists for the future.”

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