Press centre built for Olympic games coverage will be converted into offices after 2012 event

The Olympic Authority will be converting a new build, made for journalists covering the 2012 games, into Hackney office space once the event is over.

The current 29,000 square feet of space, known as the Main Press Centre, will house 5,600 reporters. The International Broadcast Centre, built alongside it, will be almost double the size, according to The London Daily News. It is planned for completion in the summer of 2011.

Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, John Armitt said: “The Main Press Centre will provide ample space and quality provision for regional, national and international journalists and staff. Work is gathering pace as we enter our busiest construction phase”.

He added: “This is the first time press and broadcasters will be based in the same area and marks a significant effort to make the best use of space within the Olympic Park. The buildings are designed to be converted into business facilities after the Games to serve the community for years to come”.

The Main Press Centre will include modern facilities and cater for both single and multiple use tenants.

During the games there will be over 150 office spaces available to rent to for any agencies or newspaper organisations who wish to take up the space.

The extra Hackney office space will create new employment opportunities in the area.

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