Prince’s Foundation announce plans to consolidate London office space

As mentioned yesterday, the amount of office consolidation deals is on the rise and this is evident in the decision of the Prince’s Foundation to merge their London offices into a centralised property close to Kings Cross Station according to recent reports.

The Prince’s Foundation, which is made up of 20 different charities, currently has 21 offices altogether – six dotted around the UK and nine solely in London. These properties support an array of different areas such as Education, Business, Opportunity & Enterprise and Health.

An advisor to the Prince said, “His Royal Highness believes that the charities would be run more efficiently if they were housed in one building. He is very aware of the cuts that the Coalition Government are making and is keen to make his own efficiency savings.”

The consolidation is expected to save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year and support the Trust more effectively in the short and long term. It will also allow the Foundation to recover fully, regain its footing and show stability after facing scrutiny for a purported debt.

A spokesman for the Prince said, “The Prince’s Charities have for some time been looking to move many of the organisations within the group into one building, so as to enable enhanced interaction and closer working between them.”

He added, “They are currently in negotiations regarding a potential location.”

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