Pringle Brandon design layout of Olympic chiefs’ offices in Canary wharf at cost of £20, 000

Workplace consultants Pringle Brandon will receive £20, 000 over four years to reconfigure the workspace of the 2012 Olympic bigwig offices in Canary Wharf.

The firm will plan the interior design of the office space and alter the layout of the work area by moving desks around, according to The Daily Star. This has led to upset among taxpayers who will be footing the bill for the work agreed upon by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). Matthew Elliot, chief executive of the TaxPayers Alliance said: “It’s bonkers to pay people so much money just to set out the desks”.

He continued: “We pay the ODA’s managers a fortune and they should be up to managing the office themselves. It’s small wonder the Olympics have run so far over budget”.

However, the ODA said: “These payments date back to 2006 when the ODA was first established. The payment was made for work on the configuration of our offices in Canary Wharf”.

Pringle Brandon has a strong portfolio of well known clients including the BBC. A spokesperson for the consultancy said: “Our clients hire us because we add value to their organisations, which function more efficiently in well-designed offices”.

The services offered by the firm include drawing up flooring plans, suggesting suitable furniture arrangements and putting up office partitions to provide businesses with flexible workplace solutions.

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