Property company gets involved in London community association

Ridgeford Properties get involved in London community scheme.

Commercial property providers become part of association to improve the economy and daily life in Marylebone.

Ridgeford Properties has announced that it will work closely with local London businesses and residents to launch what will be known as ‘The Portland Village Association’. The group will focus on issues that concern the residents that live on the north-eastern edge of Marylebone.

The ideology behind the association is that it will promote and protect the interests of local businesses, residents and stakeholders. It is hoped that all three will work together efficiently to create a better community and economy in the area. Another key reason for the creation of the Portland Village Association is the need to draw in tourism. It is thought that the group will come up with ideas to attract more tourists to the London area.

One way that they want to achieve this is by demanding the improvement of amenities within the area. Office companies within the district will also be involved as well as commercial property providers Ridgeford Properties.

“There is a lot going on around Great Portland Street and the Portland Village Association is a great way to bring local businesses and residents together to promote, improve and enhance the area. The local community can be a powerful force for change and with cuts to local government it is more important than ever that communities work together,” commented Ridgeford Properties chief executive Chris Murray.

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