Questions to ask your potential landlord before leasing office space

Questions to ask your landlord before leasing office space.

Some things to remember before you decide to lease out quality office space.

Finding quality office space is becoming more and more difficult thanks the to the high amount of demand and low supply of quality properties.

So it is important to make sure that before you sign the lease on an office that it meets all you requirements. With this in mind here are a few things to ask your landlord before you decide to move in.

Is it possible to get out of the lease? You need to ask this to ensure that you don’t incur any fines if you do choose to leave the office before the lease is over. Inquire about any clauses in the contract that would enable you to leave the space or any that concern fines and penalties.

What is the length of the lease? It may seems a simple question to ask but you should make sure that it is entirely clear how long you are renting the property for.

Who are the other tenants in the building? Find out what other businesses do in the building and whether they will affect you due to noise or activity.

Is there onsite management? Onsite management can be very useful if you run into any problems and need someone at hand to assist you.

Are there any options to sublease? If there would be any excess space inquire as to whether you could legally lease it out or not.

Lastly What are the terms of the lease? This includes the rent, additional charges, rent escalation clauses and if you have to pay for maintenance, taxes or any other hidden costs.

Questions to ask your potential landlord before leasing office space
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