Rise in demand for cycling facilities in London

Thousands of people have pledged support for the London Cycling Campaign demonstrating the growing demand for cycling routes and utilities in the city.

The London Cycling Campaign is launching a new Cycle Parking 4 London website so that cyclists can tell them where they need cycling parking facilities the most. In order to cope with current demand the city needs to provide tens of thousands of bike stands, particularly in areas such as stations, offices, public parks and buildings such as libraries and museums.

Around 20,000 commuters have been hiring what have been dubbed “Boris bikes” from the city’s outskirts and then riding them to work in the city centre. The demand has become so large that Transport for London have to provide trailers full of bikes regularly during peak hours.

Many companies are supporting the London Cycling Campaign including law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer who have dedicated an entire car park to cycle parking. The space can store up to 150 bikes and the company also supply lockers, showers and even bike maintenance facilities. Due to this more than one in 10 of their staff cycles to work.

However, most London offices don’t yet offer secure storage for their employee’s bicycles, which means that they either have to leave their bike in a public space unattended for many hours or simply leave it at home.

With companies like Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer proving that employees will use cycling facilities when they are there, perhaps it’s time for more offices to consider providing sufficient storage space for their employee’s bikes.

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