Setting up an office at home

Starting an office from home can be a clever way of saving overhead costs and examining whether your new firm has a chance of running successfully before investing in a traditional space.

Home offices can be useful for people with young families who can’t fit their nine to five positions into their taxing  parental duties.

Also some types of business work well in home situations like writing and marketing firms or PR companies.

It is also a flexible arrangement that doesn’t require dressing up for work or arriving at the office doorstep punctually.

However, to run a profitable business from home you must set some ground rules that should be stuck to at all costs. If you have planned to begin work at 10am each day ensure that you do so. It is very easy to fall into the trap of allowing yourself an extra hour of sleep when you know you are the boss of the firm.

Set deadlines and targets to help you work at an efficient pace and try to separate your home space from your work area. Keeping a distinct office area within your home is of the utmost importance and will prevent your private life responsibilities from spilling into your business life tasks.

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