Should you invite your boss to the Xmas party?

Survey reveals that office workers don’t want their boss at the Xmas party.

21 percent of office workers don’t want their boss at the Xmas party.

A recent survey by T.G.I. Friday’s has revealed that bosses attending Christmas party usually stops everyone from having any fun. One in five office workers (21 percent) said that they wouldn’t want their boss to attend their office party whilst 27 percent said that the boss shouldn’t outstay their welcome after they have paid the bar tab.

The survey also revealed that well over a quarter of employees are scared that they might tell their boss what they actually think of them after one too many drinks. This is even more shocking when you consider that 1 percent of UK employees quit after the Christmas party.

“It’s not a surprise that many people don’t want their boss at the office Christmas party as they are scared to let their hair down and do something they regret,” commented celebrity psychologist Jenni Trent Hughes.

These worries aside, many people said that they would like their boss to attend. However, a lot of the reasoning behind this was to try and drunkenly give them a raise or to bleed them dry with expensive drinks.

T.G.I. Friday’s survey also revealed that 31 percent of office workers won’t be buying new outfits this year for the Christmas party and that most of those that are (46 percent) will be adhering to a strict £50 budget.

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