Staff incentives and creating a happy workforce

A happy workforce leads to an efficient business and an increase in revenue; keep the staff cheerful and your firm will excel.

If employees are aware of your interest in their work concerns and you offer opportunities for discussion and debate, the team will fuse together as a contented group who don’t dread arriving at their workplace each day.

Offer staff plenty of incentives for completing assignments and hitting deadlines. In sectors such as sales and marketing where work is target driven, provide employees with rewards that reflect how their input has led to the success of the team. Apart from a boost in salary or other financially based rewards, these incentives could include smaller items, like vouchers, free city breaks or local trips. Perhaps allow an extra morning or day off from work for those who surpass expectations regularly. Don’t punish staff for not meeting deadlines but do be prepared to take away reward schemes; follow firm but fair practices.

Praise hard working employees for doing well and let them know how their input has helped shape the future of the business. Feedback and regular appraisals will enable staff to feel valued and part of the company environment. Promoting a team spirit will increase collaborative efforts and strengthen bonds, which will ultimately create a livelier workforce with their eye on succeeding.

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