Top London Lifestyle Influencers to Follow in 2018

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Woman London lifestyle blogger

Throughout 2017, lifestyle trends were constantly creeping into the limelight and Avocados became more famous…

Top Five Reasons to Base your Business in Shoreditch

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Shoreditch street art Brick Lane

Shoreditch is an area that has its own individual style and culture. Nothing, from the…

Predestrianising of World Famous Oxford Street Could Be Reality by 2018

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Oxford Street London

After increasing pressure from those living and working in the area, plans to pedestrianise one…

A Unique Look to the Future: Potential London Skyline in 10 Years’ Time

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Central London office vacancies overview

Earlier this month Londonoffices created an info-graphic that showcased what the London skyline could have…

The Latest Need to Know Trends and Troubling News Throughout London

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Trending Vs. Troubling Feature

London life and the business world can be troubling, absurd or the next biggest thing may…

4G Technology Guaranteed Across London Underground Network by 2019

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London Underground Collage

After pledging to develop London into a high tech city, Mayor Sadiq Khan has made…

Serviced Office Providers in London Supporting Local Artists

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Serviced office providers in London art collage

In the modern day, office space is more than just a place to get your…

Forget a Business Lunch – Top 3 Business Breakfast Locations in London

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Breakfast meeting London offices

The tradition of settling a business deal over a phenomenal lunch has, over the years,…

London through our Lens: A Focus on Architecture

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London through our Lens Architecture Feature Image

Our consultants regularly visit the office buildings on our portfolio. Looking in to new fit…

Branded London Office Buildings: Why, How and Should it Continue?

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Docklands-Canary-Wharf-London office buildings

With the diversity of businesses which can be found throughout London office buildings, particularly within…