TalkTalk has acquired new London-based office space

The Internet provider TalkTalk has recently opened new London offices, in order to respond to the growth of the industry.

TalkTalk have now opened new offices on the corner of Berwick Street, London, which will give the company a street presence and identity.

The company has also said that they are going to unbundle more phone exchanges, that will allow more customers to transfer their internet connection to the TalkTalk network.

Mark Schmid, TalkTalk’s communications director, said, “The industry expectation is that consumption of data online will increase by a whopping 50 per cent year on year over the next few years.

“We’re enhancing our network to cope with this explosive rise in demand.

As well as acquiring new offices, TalkTalk has just finished unbundling 1,700 phone exchanges across the UK and has plan to unbundle a further 300 in the near future.

This change will allow the company to expand exponentially and become available to 90 percent of UK residents.

Mr Schmid also revealed that in the future the speed and size of the network will be increased, in response to a predicted rise in internet usage.

The new Berwick Street offices will not just be an administrative headquarters but will also enable the public to use the site for their mobile-computing needs.

As such, the site will have a walk-in PC zone that will be open to the public and will offer free access of a wireless internet network.

There will also be an exclusive “Members Lounge” for TalkTalk subscribers, which offers desk space and free Wi-Fi.

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