Reece Gresty

Account Manager
T: 0788 019 9818 | DDI: 2036 976 743

“There is no better feeling than hearing from a client who is thrilled with the office solution which I found them. Remaining customer focused and providing an honest and informed service is the key to making this happen.”

As one of our Central London Account Managers Reece has extensive knowledge of the Central London Offices portfolio. Her infectious enthusiasm and personality has led to her being a firm favourite both with industry partners and clients alike.

Finding an office:

Reece’s Advice

Be specific with requirements – explaining clearly what is it you are looking for enables me to advise and guide you in the right direction.

Keep in touch – always work as closely as possible with me and be honest about your experiences following an office tour. This is vital in order for me to progress your search in the best way possible.

Have one person look after your search – this will enable me to streamline the process for you and lead the search on your behalf saving you valuable time and energy after just one call. The alternative means searching thousands of websites and making endless calls to possibly never find the right space.

Have you worked with Reece?

Let us know about your experience by contacting Emma Whitby on – we are always keen to work on joint press releases and guest blogs with our clients and industry partners.