The most eco-friendly office space in London

The ‘7 More London’ building looks like all other London offices, but it has just been announced to be the most eco-friendly office space in London.

The building was designed with the environment in mind and was constructed in a collaborative act by PwC, Fosters, developer More London, an architect and an engineer from BDP and a several other consultants.

As a result BREEAM sustainability assessors recently made the assessment that it was the most environmental-friendly building in the city.

The building does not look a lot different from surrounding buildings and in some ways it is architecturally similar to a lot of the buildings in Canary Wharf and the City. However, behind the standard architectural features there is a low-carbon energy strategy that makes use of biodiesel-fuels and a mini power station which reuses excess heat to power the building.

All these eco-friendly features are housed in a high-performance glass, which gives the building the modern ultra-clean look.

Bob Spittles, chair of environmental engineering for BDP, has said that the next step is to make carbon the main focus when constructing new offices, although this will take serious planning and consideration.

He said, “BREEAM is about a wide range of subjects, including social, economic and energy-related factors, but zero carbon building is quite a different task, and architecture will have to change in terms of design, materials and insulation.

7 More London is now set to be occupied later this year by Price Waterhouse Coopers, a management consultancy firm.

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