Tips on creating an economical workplace

An economic office will increase worker productivity and ensure you feel comfortable in your working environment.

This can be easily achieved through some small changes that will save you money as well improving the standard of your work.

Here are a few tips on how to make your office more economic.

Firstly consider the lighting in your office. Around 44 percent of energy usage in office buildings is artificial lighting. You can reduce this by nearly two thirds by simply switching to energy efficient light bulbs. Try to avoid glare from overhead lighting and lamps, a more environmentally friendly and comfortable option would be installing a skylight and taking advantage of natural lighting.

Since you spend most of your day sitting down at your computer it is also important to have a comfortable office chair. You should be able to reach your keyboard and mouse easily. A bad office chair can result in repetitive strain injury and carpel tunnel syndrome. Make sure that the height of the seat can be adjusted and that the chair offers lower back support.

Aesthetic touches such as tidying up loose wires and decorating the walls can encourage creativity and productivity. A cluttered workplace will be distracting and potentially dangerous, keeping a clean office will help to ensure employees feel comfortable and focused.

Lastly, reconsider your commute to work. Public transport and carpooling will result in less congestion and pollution. Carpooling can also add a more social aspect to your office as well as a less crowded car park.

These simple tips can help you to achieve a more comfortable office space and will hopefully result in a more economic and productive workforce.

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