Tips on keeping your concentration during the working day

Advice on staying focused during the work day


Some ways that you can stay fully focused whilst working in an office.


When you’re working on a big project in the office it can sometimes be difficult keeping your concentration levels up and efficient. With this in mind here are a few ways that you can keep yourself focused every day.

Firstly plan your day. If you’ve got a list of things that you need to do it is easy to work through your daily tasks and keep an eye on what you’ve achieved so far. If you don’t want any extra office clutter create the list on an office programme such as Excel or simply Word and utilise them to organise your day.


Eat well and drinks lots of water. An unhealthy diet in the mornings and afternoons will really affect how you feel and perform during work hours. Try to stay away from overly fatty and heavy foods that will leave you feeling lethargic. It is also vital to drink a good amount of water as this will help you to concentrate and stay alert.


Don’t have music too loud. Music can be a great way of keeping focused in the office, however it is important to play it at the right level so as not to distract yourself and those around you. Try to stick to calmer music for most of the day, composers such as Debussy and Phillip Glass are great for keeping you focused.


Don’t check personal emails until the afternoon. Wait until lunchtime at least to check your personal emails, checking them in the morning could cause you to become distracted by personal issues either good or bad.


Set yourself goals. Try to set yourself goals that you wouldn’t usually achieve on a daily basis, this will cause you to strive to better yourself whilst working and perhaps even finish project more quickly than usual.


So there are a few tips on improving your concentration in the office, why not give them a go and see the benefits for yourself?

Tips on keeping your concentration during the working day
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