Tips to stay safe in the office

A few tips on how to stay safe in the office.

Health and safety is an important factor of everyday office life. It is vital that you make sure that everyone is safe in the office and at no risk of being harmed.

There are a few easy things you can do to ensure that your employees remain safe in office.

Firstly conduct a risk assessment. This is actually a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for any company with over five employees. They aren’t usually that complicated but you do need to have a competent person assisting you. A few of the things you need to check and look for include noise levels, hazardous substances and electrical equipment.

Secondly check that all electrical equipment meets safety standards. Avoid overloading plug sockets as this can be both an electrical and fire hazard. Also make sure that all computers and equipment are checked by a trained professional to ensure employee safety.

You also need to consider fire hazards. Make sure that all your employees know where the fire escapes are and ensure that there is nothing obstructing the path to them.

Noise control is also another important safety factor. It directly affects how comfortable your employees are in the workplace. If for instance there is loud construction work happening around your office, make sure that no one is sitting near to the source of the noise as this could permanently damage their hearing.

If you follow these health and safety tips and maintain regular checks you should have a safe office environment in no time.

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