Top tips to create a calming office atmosphere

An office space can be a stressful place when workers are laden with deadlines and complicated assignments.  So it’s worthwhile to take a few moments each day to centralise your thoughts and better your state of mind.

Here are a few tips to make your office into a calming space that settles the worries of an overloaded office brain:

– Take five minutes out from your schedule to breathe deeply and concentrate on your inhalation techniques.

– Try and install a water feature within the office confines – the sound of the rushing water will soothe the weary and bring the positive aspects of nature inside.

– Go for a walk on your lunch break. Find a nearby park or green area to wander around for a few moments each day if the weather permits.

– Listen to some classical music. The complicated compositions improve synapse function and can alert even the most fatigued worker.

– Eat fruit, vegetables and slow release carbohydrates to prevent sugar highs and lows. A steady intake of healthy foods will keep energy levels at a constant, making you able to concentrate throughout the day.

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