Tube line could be extended to improve Greater London commute

Boris Johnson proposes extending the Tube’s Northern Line.

Northern Line could be extended to better facilitate office workers from Greater London.

London mayor Boris Johnson has suggested that the capital could see an extension of the Northern Line to better accommodate workers that have to commute to the further reaches of the city.

Thanks to recent office developments in areas such as Vauxhall, Battersea and Nine Elms the council are considering extending the Tube’s line to better accommodate those who have to travel to Greater London, it will also stop workers from moving out of the city centre which would directly affect the economy.

The proposals include plans to extend the Northern Line west from Kennington which would create an additional two stops on the route.

Office space in greater London areas such as Battersea and Vauxhall enjoy lower leasing prices than offices within the heart of London. The city is also currently experiencing high demand for quality office space but a lack of actual complete developments, the extension of the line could encourage larger companies to take up office space in Greater London.

In other London office space news Manchester United FC are close to completing a transaction to lease premium office space in Mayfair.

The premiership club is to lease 11,500 square feet of office space at Five Stratton Street. Manchester United are to pay approximately £80 per square foot for the offices. The move is apparently motivated by the team’s need to complete transactions more efficiently and they believe being in the heart of the UK’s capital will better facilitate this.

Five Stratton Street consists of seven levels that contain a varied set of offices, overall the building features a total of 76,065 square feet of office space.

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