Valentines survey reveals that most office romances end in heartbreak

A recent survey shows that most office romances end badly.

Valentines poll shows that 93% of office workers have a crush on a colleague.

A recent Valentines Day survey has shown that most office based romances end badly. The study was carried out by employment law consultancy firm Peninsula Ireland and shows that 93% of workers admitted to having a crush on a colleague.

However, on the bright side 22% of office relationships have ended in marriage. The main issue that people encounter after an office romance seems to be that it directly affects their colleagues, who usually feel that they have to take sides and get caught in the middle of arguments.

“When employees’ personal relationships come to an end they can have a majority adverse affect on working relations and also workplace harmony when other employees start taking sides,” commented Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland.

The problem is that colleagues that have broken up with each other have to continue working in the same place.

“You can’t just delete the ex-partner from your phone contacts and move on, you still have to work with the person and at times this can prove difficult for employees and can affect performance,” said Mr Price.

The study consisted of research taken from the answers of 974 employees across a wide spectrum of industries. The interviews were conducted both in person and via telephone throughout January 14 to February 8.

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