Watchdog company spends extravagantly on London office space

Ipsa spending figures revealed through Freedom of Information Act.

Expenses watchdog spends ridiculous amounts on furnishing London office space.

It has been revealed that the watchdog company in charge of MPs’ expenses has spend over £300,000 on an office fit-out in London.

The company, The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), reportedly bought seven office chairs at £538 each. Other items purchased include 25 cabinets at £2,295 each and ‘relaxer’ loungers at £465 each.

The expenses were revealed through the Freedom of Information Act and also showed that the company spent further money on 71 chairs for visitors at £242 each, six stools that each cost £265 and an £837 table.

“Ipsa is not part of the parliamentary estate. Last year we walked into a shell of an office and needed to equip it – there is a cost associated in doing so. We followed the proper procedures – we held a competition through the Office of Government Commerce, where the Government has approved suppliers and rates,” commented a spokesperson for Ipsa.

Startup costs for Ipsa have cost an estimated £6 million. However, the company claims that these prices will fall over time. The average cost for each employee in the building is around £4,300 through the furnishing of the office.

“I think in this age of austerity, Ipsa has to realise that this is hard-pressed taxpayers’ money it is spending,” commented Priti Patel, Conservative MP for Witham.

Other extravagant items bought include a red ‘boss’ chair, four designer monitor arms and clamps for £1,256 and £57,375 on 25 cabinets.

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