Ways to be environmentally friendly at the office

Many people spend the majority of their weekdays at work making the office a fitting place to take up environmentally friendly practices. A few minor changes that can easily be implemented at your workstation could save vital energy and reduce wastage.

The commute to work is the first area that should be combated. Car sharing, taking public transport, walking or cycling to your workplace are a few options that could considerably reduce your carbon footprint. Many businesses provide bike racks in their car parks making it simple to park up and head into work without a hitch. Plus there’s the added benefit of incorporating exercise into your daily routine, which is recommended by all health professionals.

Once you are at work ensure that any digital devices that aren’t being used have been turned off. Only print off items when necessary to save as much paper as possible – emails can act as substitutes to paper based memos and are much quicker to send out anyway.

When the working day is over turn off your computer screen to save electrical energy and prevent an increase in heat energy exposure.

If you are the last to leave the office turn off all the lights to conserve energy.

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