What are the best clothes to wear in the office?

Clothing in the workplace.

Advice on choosing the right clothes to wear to the office.

When you work in an office there are varying degrees of regulations determining what you wear. Depending on the type of workplace you might wear casual clothes or a full suit. Either way there are some things that you can do to improve the quality of your work and appearance.

Firstly, always dress as if you were in the position above you. This may sound slightly odd but dressing smartly is a great way to give the impression of professionalism. Showing that you take care in your appearance is also vital if you ever rise up the ranks and meet clients.

However, you need to remember to stay comfortable. As summer is fast approaching it is a good idea to wear looser clothing that allows your skin to breathe easily. Stay with brighter colours that reflect sunlight. Keep in mind that you need to maintain an image that is both professional and streamlined.

Going to a tailors is a great option for getting the professional look. It may cost you a little bit more but will definitely benefit you in the long term; as the clothes will likely last you longer.

When choosing shoes for work make sure they look smart whilst still remaining comfortable. If you walk or commute into work it is vitally important that they fit well to avoid long and short term injuries affecting your feet.

Lastly we have accessories. Keep these sensible, don’t go into the office wearing large gold chains and oversized earrings. Try to stay smart and subtle in order to remain professional.

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