What are the different kinds of office space?

Kinds of office space


Types of office space.

Advice on the different kinds of office space available.

There are many types of office available that can be beneficial in a variety of different ways. Depending on the size and growth of your company one type of office space might suit you better than another.

In order to make it a little easier to shop around for the right office here is a short breakdown of the types available:

Commercial office space

Firstly, you have standard commercial office space. This is the most common kind of office space and usually comes unfurnished. Commercial office space is available on both long- and short-term contracts.

Serviced office space

Another popular option is serviced office space. This offers the same benefits as commercial office space but comes fully furnished with office furniture such as desks and chairs. However, this can vary from place to place so be sure to check with the landlord.

Virtual office

Alternatively, if you want to look professional but can’t afford space in a commercial office you can opt for a virtual office. This consists of a post address that clients can post your business mail to. You can also hire a virtual assistant that can be linked to the office to further your professional image.

Consider the kind of office layout

Lastly you should consider the kind of office layout that you require. Currently a popular choice is open plan. This is because it allows for easy interaction between employees and can maximise space between desks and office furniture. However, if you require more privacy look for offices that can accommodate cubicles or have partitions already fitted.


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