What is the best kind of PC for my office?

Choosing the best PC for your office.

Advice on finding the best PC for your office or place of work.

One aspect of office daily life that is often taken for granted is the office computer. Many companies simply opt for the cheapest possible solution and supply their employees with low standard, simple and particularly slow PCs. However, what they don’t consider is how the right kind of PC could vastly improve the office productivity levels and potentially save them a lot of money in the long term.

Firstly, many companies waste too much time waiting for PCs to start up or update. This can be avoided by purchasing faster computers with operating systems like Windows 7. However, to remove this problem almost entirely it is advisable that you get a Mac. That said, many Apple Macs would likely be too powerful for simple office tasks and could be a waste of company money.

Secondly, consider reliability. If your computers are constantly crashing  then imagine the amount of money and time that is wasted whilst employees wait for their PC to start up again. Getting newer PCs or Macs and carrying out simple tasks such as disk cleanup can really improve the way your office computers perform and potentially save you money.

The last option to consider is allowing employees to use their own computers from home. However, this can actually cause additional productivity problems.  Employees would have open access to all their own games, bookmarks and software which could potentially lead to time wasting. Additionally not having uniform software companywide can result in work being in different formats which can also waste time.

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