What kind of software is used in offices?

Types of software and hardware used in offices.

Examples of hardware and software utilised in workplaces.

It is often taken for granted but the technology and software in the office is a huge part of our  working lives. These days most offices rely almost completely on computers.

Firstly we’ll take a look at the types of software that office workers use everyday. Most offices will have office programmes such as Microsoft Excel and Word loaded onto work machines. These will commonly be used by writers, data entry specialists, admin assistants and bankers. There are other office suites available for operating systems such as Mac OS and Ubuntu but most still install Microsoft’s office package.

The hardware is just as important to your daily productivity however. Make sure that your monitor is at eye level to reduce any strain on your eyes. It is also important to avoid any glare from lighting or windows as this will lead to complications with vision later on down the line.

If you work in an office within the creative industry then you most likely use other programs such as video or audio editing software. Usually companies using PCs will use the Adobe Creative Suite which consists of Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition or Soundbooth, After Effects, InDesign and Premiere. Companies that use Apple Macs can also use this but tend to use Final Cut Pro for video editing. Publishing companies will also make use of programs such as Quark and Publisher.

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