Wimbledon redevelopment plans submitted by Duggan Morris Architects

Redevelopment plans submitted for Wimbledon office space.

Company submits development plans for London commercial property.

Duggan Morris Architects have begun planning meetings and consultations with local councils in Wimbledon. The firm will be submitting new plans for environmentally friendly office space in the area that could potentially generate new jobs for residents.

The new scheme will provide around 25,000 square feet of modern office space in the Wimbledon area. If it receives the go ahead it will be part of the Low Carbon Workplace initiative in partnership with Threadneedle and Stanhope. The project will see the extensive remodelling of an old concrete and steel frame building located in the centre of Wimbledon.

Currently the plans also include proposals to add light weight extensions and additions to the commercial property’s structure. The full planning application is expected during August 2011.

As stated earlier, the office property is set to be a part of the Low Carbon Workplace scheme. This is a project being run with the co-operation of various companies in order to create eco-friendly workspaces through the use of environmentally friendly technology and solutions such as energy efficient lighting, insulation and eco-friendly air con systems.

The scheme also revolves around redeveloping outdated and inefficient 1960s office buildings into modern contemporary eco-friendly commercial properties. Integrated systems and simple techniques are the main focus of the project meaning that they are environmentally friendly as soon as companies move in.

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