World Cup fever may lead to an increase in office staff calling in sick

Experts say the World Cup may lead to an influx of office staff taking sick days to watch England matches.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants is advising bosses to familiarise their staff of the office policies surrounding these types of events.

Head of enterprise at the institute Clive Lewis said: “Companies have had a tough time and many staff have seen hours cut back and wages reduced. This is a chance for business owners to boost morale by showing that they care about their staff. However, they need to ask themselves some questions first to avoid scoring an own goal”.

AIC chief executive Johnny Johnson said: “Large sporting events contribute significantly to the rate of absenteeism”.

Bosses could choose to screen games within the office to prevent staff calling in sick. This could be done in a social area such as the staff canteen.

Some workers might be allowed to start shifts earlier or later so they can watch matches at home without affecting  business.

Many workplaces will start World Cup sweepstakes to bring football into the office and encourage staff fans to come in to work.

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