Zurich moves from Sutton to Croydon

Well-known insurance company Zurich have decided to move their south London offices to Croydon.

The decision to move from Sutton to Croydon has been attributed to better transport links in the area. Over 140 staff members will be moved from the current office in Sutton High Street.

“As a location, Croydon will deliver the least disruption for our 140 employees, while providing us with the advantage of being within a vibrant insurance market,” reports a spokesman for Zurich, who also added that no jobs would be lost during the move.


“Croydon has excellent transport links to the whole of the south, which will allow us gain more access to our key broker partners who can visit our new environment, further cementing existing relationships and forging new ones.”

Zurich is still in discussions about the new site’s exact location within Croydon, but it will certainly help boost the economy in the area. Many believe that Zurich will be the first of many to relocate to the area after the recession, which has left office space in central London in high demand.

Fewer new developments have been built in the past couple of years making it difficult to find space in the capital, as well as expensive. It is believe that many other firms may follow suit by relocating slightly out of the centre of London, and making the most of commercial properties that may be slightly off the beaten track in the capital.

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