New plans for 25 Churchill Place

25 Churchill Place, the last available plot on the Canary Wharf estate, is having a new design produced.

News International were meant to be using the site, but they pulled out leaving the site undeveloped. The design is to be penned once more by KPF and will feature a 108 metre tower, a reduction from previous plans meaning there will be 71,169 sq m of office space.

The design will remain similar to before, very box shaped only this time keeping the corners intact rather than two of them being slashed off as in the previous design. The main body of the tower will have edges framed in stone, with lots of glass projecting towards the south dock.  The lower north and south levels are behind columns and the west face will have a striking entrance, creating an effect of turning its back to the east.

There will also be a new promenade at dock level, this will also link to a new footbridge to link it over Bellmoth Passage to Montgomery Street.

However may feel that the end result will be yet another ‘box’ and will continue the homogenised look that many of the buildings in Canary Wharf. It will add some variety in its height at least as it is shorter than its neighbours.

Still, the news of a new development will help the market greatly as there is a lack of office space, meaning that prices are being driven high and the competition is really fierce. A new development will really help even the marketplace out.