10 Amazing Reasons to Rent Office Space in… Waterloo

office space in Waterloo

It is home to some of the most affordable office space in Central London but that’s not the only reason to consider renting office space in Waterloo.

1. Affordable office space

Waterloo is home to some of the most affordable office space you’ll find in Central London. You’ll find mid-range serviced offices available to rent from £350 per desk per month, while Grade A space can be found starting from £650.

Compare this to nearby London Bridge where you can expect to find mid-range space starting from £450 per desk per month, and Grade A space from £900 per desk.

2.  Waterloo Road

Running through the heart of Waterloo, the Waterloo Road is home to a wide selection of office space, much of it housed within modern office blocks. This means options to suit everything from small businesses with a team of two, to larger businesses looking to accommodate a hundred or more employees.

Furthermore, Waterloo Station is just off Waterloo Road, making it an easily accessible location for rail commuters working in office space in Waterloo.

3. Alice’s Waterloo Wonderland

Waterloo might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of design-led office space, but all that could be about to change. January saw the launch of this eccentric Alice in Wonderland-themed business centre which is already on track to be one of the most talked about London offices of the year.

As more media and creative businesses look to move in to office space in Waterloo, we can expect to see design-led space become more readily available here.

4. Key location for SMEs

The comparative affordability of office space in Waterloo (see point number one above), makes it a popular destination for small and medium businesses that need to be based in Central London. For SMEs this means access to a diverse community of small and medium businesses. One initiative bringing together SMEs to effect change in the area is the Waterloo Quarter, a business improvement district which has been going strong since 2006. (See point eight for more.)

5. Emerging media and digital destination

As media and digital firms look for alternatives to Soho (we’ve written about the office-to-resi conversions causing price rises in the West End here) an increasing number are turning their attention to SE1, including office space in Waterloo. Hence the arrival of design-led space such as the Alice in Wonderland business centre mentioned in point three above.

For companies looking to get in on an emerging media and digital cluster, Waterloo is worth some serious consideration.

6. Accessibility for commuter towns in the South

Waterloo Station operates regular services to and from Guildford, Basingstoke, Reading, and Woking, making it an easily commutable location for office workers living in these popular locations.

7. Rooftop dining at the OXO Tower Restaurant

Looking for a venue to impress clients? Head to the OXO Tower Restaurant for British and globally-inspired dishes served against the backdrop of the London skyline. There’s a choice of formal dining, brasserie or cocktail bar, so you can suit the menu to the event.

8. Waterloo Business Improvement District

Known as Waterloo Quarter, the business improvement district is dedicated to making new and existing office space in Waterloo even more attractive to businesses. Projects they’ve undertaken so far include improvements to greenery and lighting, and the £2.2m regeneration of Lower Marsh. They’re also instrumental in organising and promoting some of the street festivals and other events held in the local community, helping to make Waterloo a vibrant place to work and play.

9. Connections to London’s political hub

The Jubilee line from Waterloo to Westminster means that you can be at the heart of the UK’s political hub in just ten minutes. This makes Waterloo a key location for organisations which are looking to build relationships with Government bodies.

10. Southbank Centre cultural scene

An eight-minute stroll from Waterloo Station brings you to the South Bank Centre, a vibrant cultural destination where you can take in everything from theatre to music to contemporary art. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink, ranging from Mexican street food at Wahaca to sushi at Feng Sushi. That’s plenty of options for hosting informal meetings outside of your office space in Waterloo.

Think office space in Waterloo could create your new business base? Browse a handpicked selection of serviced offices in the area with our latest listings.


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